Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Where Have I Been?

I would love to say that I have not been blogging because I have been so busy, I couldn't possibly find the time to write blogs.  I would also love to say that I have not been blogging because I absolutely have nothing to say.  But the truth be told, neither are true.  Since my last blog post in August I have been to Disney World, celebrate and decorated for Halloween, traveled for work, been to CF clinic, has a sinus CT scan, planed a retirement party, and found myself with a cold.  Lot to write about. Although reading this list it may seem like I have been busy, but I have had more down time that usual, especially on the weekends.  I have really taken advantage of this time to do other things besides blog: I started watching Desperate Housewives (!), reading, crafts for the party, and watching movies.  It has felt good to have some time at home without much responsibility. 

But I have missed blogging and want to get back into the routine.  Again, this is really about me keeping track of my CF life and other things in my life, rather than having people read about who I am.  I want to keep up...and there is lots to share. 

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  1. Hey cyster welcome back!!! I'm looking forward to reading about whats going on in your life :)