Goals-Updated 4/1

Having goals is an important part of my life.  I always want to be working toward accomplishing something in my life, otherwise I personally don't see the point.  I have accomplished some big goals in my life so far such as buying a house, graduating from college, and having a full time job.  I think sometimes life gets so busy just keeping up with day-to-day responsibilities, that it is easy to push of setting and achieving goals.  For the last couple of years, whenever I would think of something I want to do in life, I would add it to an on-going note in my Blackberry. Some of these are easy things, others may take a life time to achieve.  I thought I would share that list here.  In no order:

Learn how to play chess.
Design and sew my own suit.
Bake a pumpkin pie using real pumpkins, not the canned pumpkin.
Sit as a Board of Directors for an important, nonprofit organization.
Attend a Bear's game at Soldier Field in the dead of winter.
Make spaghetti sauce from scratch using tomatoes from our garden.
Make Tiramisu. -New!
Open an Etsy shop. -New!
Take ballroom dance lessons.
Adopt a habitat at the humane society.
See all 30 major league baseball parks.
Obtain a Masters degree.
Go to Disney World on Christmas Day
Complete all my unfinished craft projects.
Learn to score a baseball game. Spring 2012
Become a Registered Environmental Assessor January 2011