Monday, February 22, 2010

New CF Clinic

Yes, I love my new Cf Clinic. Here is a summary:

Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I only met about half of the team, but I will meet everyone in time, including all three doctors. Most importantly, they are very supportive. Anything I need, at any time, someone on the team is available. Or so they say.

We discussed my blood test results. Everything was at a good level, except Vitamin D. I need to be more consistent with my supplements.

We discussed sputum results. Low growth of psedudomonas aeuginosa and moderate growth of staphylococcus aureus. We decided to continue with a full three week treatment of cipro.

I am now taking Omeprazole for heart burn. I have frequent heart burn and it is hard to take antacids on Cipro.

PFTs are looking really good. FVC 3.69/105.2%, (last time 3.63/96%). Actually, 3.69 is the highest measurement I have ever had. FEV1 2.89, 96.8% (last time 2.74, 91%), and FEF25-75 2.49, 72.6% (last time 2.20, 64%). So the numbers are looking really good. Good new, since I was nearing the end of my Cipro treatment.

Finally, we talked a lot about mucus clearance. Really, the only mucus clearance I am doing right now is exercise. Which seems to be doing great when looking at my lung function. But the Dr. reminded me that preventative treatments will keep me healthier, longer. So she is recommending an Acapella (spelling).

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Ten

I have lots going on these days, so I thought I would up date Tuesday Ten style.

1. After getting sick over a week ago, I was put on Cipro to get my cough to calm down. It took almost the entire treatment, but my cough is back to "normal."

2. I have a visit with my new CF clinic this Friday.

3. My husband and I attended Paws for Love, an annual charity event to raise funds for animals in need. We got a lot of cool stuff, in which I will post pictures soon!

4. We went to the PGA Pro-Am Tour on Saturday at Pebble Beach. (That's golf for those of you wondering what PGA is!) This is a very exciting charity event because celebrities play golf with professional golfers. We saw Tom Brady, Tony Romo, George Lopez, Andy Garcia (he called me sweetie :) ), Bill Murray (who I got a hug from), and Josh Duhamel. It was a beautiful day at Pebble Beach.

5. I finally met our new cousin, Hunter.

6. We visited with Ethan's Grandma over the weekend. It was her birthday and she took us out for a wonderful Valentine's dinner.

7. Dotty has to wear a cone on her head. She has a growth on her paw that she started chewing, so she has to wear the cone until the growth heals.

8. I have decided to participate in the Great Strides Walk for the CR Foundation here in Santa Rosa on May 1. Let the fundraising begin! Anyone in the area is welcome to walk on my team with me. So far the only walkers are me, Ethan and my dad. Heather is a maybe.

9. I have posted before that I use TOBI in my nasal rinse for four weeks on and then four weeks off. The last four weeks were my four weeks off. Normally during my off weeks I have lots of sinus pressure and some sinus headaches. This time I only got two headaches and the pressure was minimal. That is a huge improvement from the other off weeks.

10. There are lots of birthdays in February: Grandma, Aunt Norma (turning 50!), Sister-In-Law Natalie, Uncle Mike, Uncle Wally, Lauren, and Jacob's 1st Birthday. Lots to celebrate this month!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lazy Sick Days

So here I find myself sick...again. I was just sick at the beginning of January and now something similar has hit me again. This cold was much more short term, I really only felt bad for a couple of days. But I do have a lingering cough, so I need to check in with the doctor on Monday. I stayed home from work Thursday and I had Friday off, but I spend both days on the couch watching movies.

I watched The People VS Larry Flynt, Don't Bother to Knock (a Marilyn Monroe movie), Bridget Jone's Diary, and Cape Fear (the re-make). I made an interesting observation with all of these movies: All the main characters smoked and each movie had at least one scene of the character smoking in the house. That just seems so repulsive. Why would anyone want their house to smell like cigarettes? I think watching people smoke, while I was sitting there coughing the whole time actually made me feel worse.