Monday, February 22, 2010

New CF Clinic

Yes, I love my new Cf Clinic. Here is a summary:

Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I only met about half of the team, but I will meet everyone in time, including all three doctors. Most importantly, they are very supportive. Anything I need, at any time, someone on the team is available. Or so they say.

We discussed my blood test results. Everything was at a good level, except Vitamin D. I need to be more consistent with my supplements.

We discussed sputum results. Low growth of psedudomonas aeuginosa and moderate growth of staphylococcus aureus. We decided to continue with a full three week treatment of cipro.

I am now taking Omeprazole for heart burn. I have frequent heart burn and it is hard to take antacids on Cipro.

PFTs are looking really good. FVC 3.69/105.2%, (last time 3.63/96%). Actually, 3.69 is the highest measurement I have ever had. FEV1 2.89, 96.8% (last time 2.74, 91%), and FEF25-75 2.49, 72.6% (last time 2.20, 64%). So the numbers are looking really good. Good new, since I was nearing the end of my Cipro treatment.

Finally, we talked a lot about mucus clearance. Really, the only mucus clearance I am doing right now is exercise. Which seems to be doing great when looking at my lung function. But the Dr. reminded me that preventative treatments will keep me healthier, longer. So she is recommending an Acapella (spelling).


  1. Good for you on your PFT's!!! You Rock :)

  2. Hey Colleen! I'm glad you found me on here! I love meeting new people with CF :) Glad to hear you are doing so well! :)