Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lazy Sick Days

So here I find myself sick...again. I was just sick at the beginning of January and now something similar has hit me again. This cold was much more short term, I really only felt bad for a couple of days. But I do have a lingering cough, so I need to check in with the doctor on Monday. I stayed home from work Thursday and I had Friday off, but I spend both days on the couch watching movies.

I watched The People VS Larry Flynt, Don't Bother to Knock (a Marilyn Monroe movie), Bridget Jone's Diary, and Cape Fear (the re-make). I made an interesting observation with all of these movies: All the main characters smoked and each movie had at least one scene of the character smoking in the house. That just seems so repulsive. Why would anyone want their house to smell like cigarettes? I think watching people smoke, while I was sitting there coughing the whole time actually made me feel worse.


  1. Sorry you were sick again. Hope you feel better soon. I agree with you about the smoking thing...I find it disgusting as well. Looking foward to seeing you soon.