Monday, March 3, 2014


Inspiration can come up in different ways and sometimes unexpectedly. Living with a chronic illness inspiration is an important part of my life.  Sometimes inspiration comes from other CFers.  Seeing those living with dedication to their health can be uplifting and motivating.  Inspiration can come from a stranger....sometimes just some else at the gym working hard.  Inspiration can come from a quote, a fictitious character or a star athlete.  Today, I found inspiration in an very unexpected person.  Matthew McConaughey

I have never really been a fan of Matthew McConaughey as an actor.  Yes, he has been in some good movies (Magic Mike!) and some really not so great movies (Failure to Launch).  Actually Failure to Launch is probably one of the worst movies ever.  It was bad.  It was so bad it made McConaughy look like a terrible actor.  I did like him in Lincoln Lawyer.  And if I thought really hard, I could probably come up with a few other movies he was ok in.  But just "ok."  So when I heard that McConaughy was nominated for an Oscar, I had a really hard believing he was worthy.  And when I saw that he won, I was a little shocked.  Perhaps not the fairest assessment considering I have not seen Dallas Buyers Club, but I was just stuck on thinking of his previous, less-than-stellar performances.

Then today at the gym I watched his acceptance speech.  It was an instant paradigm shift. In the three minute plus speech, I went from looking at this guy as an actor getting by on his good looks to a man full of courage, wisdom, and inspiration.  A man I can learn something from.  A man who has learned how to make his life meaningful and appreciate what he has been given.  Was his performance worthy of an Oscar?  Who knows...but that has to be one of the best acceptances speeches I have seen.

There have been some great speeches in the line of Academy Award Winners.  Tom Hanks, Sean Penn, and Adrian Brody top my list of favorites.  I am happy to add McConaughy to the list.  These actors have so much more to offer us than a movie or TV show.  They can offer motivation and inspiration to achieve goals, respect others, and maybe most importantly, respect ourselves.

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