Saturday, March 28, 2009

Science Fair

I was a judge last Tuesday for the Healdsburg Science Fair. This is my fourth (non consecutive) time judging. This year I was one of about eight judges for 8th grade physical science. I was responsible for evaluating 8 projects and then getting together with the other judges and discuss the best projects to pick a winner. There were about 50 project total. Judging this grade level is tough, because the students are required to submit a project, so most don't put in much of an effort. Of the 8 I was responsible for, there were two decent project were you could tell an effort was really put forth and where the scientific method was understood and followed. There were no winners in my group, they all came from projects the other judges evaluated. Regardless, I love being a judge. I wish I had more time to support science in the community.

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