Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring Training Vacation Days 1 through 4

Day 1 Tuesday 3/3- PM drive to Fresno and spend the night with the in-laws. Pretty uneventful.

Day 2 Wednesday 3/4 Long drive from Fresno to Goodyear, AZ. The drive was pretty long and boring. We were able to stop at the "Large Marge Sent Me" diner from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (The Wheel Inn Restaurant). This is the place with the huge dinosaurs that Pee-Wee watches the sunset and is then chased by ANDY!. A total of about ten hours on the road and a one hour time difference, we arrived in Goodyear by about 7 PM.

Day 3 Thursday 3/5 White Sox vs the Dodgers in the new Glendale Stadium. Dodgers won 5-4, in the bottom of the 9th. First win for the Dodgers in their new Spring Training facility. When we got home from the game we were surprised to find Dotty and Jeter hanging out in the front of the house. They were home alone during the game and some how the front door opened. Who knows how long they were out there. I am just thankful they stayed at the house.

Day 4 Friday 3/6 Seattle VS Oakland. Oakland wins 2-12. Good game, except Giambi got hit by a pitch for all three at-bats. It would of been nice to see him get a hit. No home runs at this game...just a lot of good base hitting. Ethan got hit in the back with a foul ball. The ball was actually hit behind us, bounced off of someone's face, hit Ethan, and then hit the girl next to us. The ball then rolled under the one even got the ball in the end. Ethan is fine.

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