Monday, May 11, 2009

Allergy Shots

I started my allergy treatment for dust mites last week. Allergy shots are the same concept as vaccinations, you r given shots containing the substance you are allergic to. The dose starts very low and it builds up as time goes on. I have to get the shots once a week for about 20 weeks and then once a month for up to 5 years. The idea is by exposing my body to the allergin over and over my system will build immunity. Over time I should technically no longer be allergic to dust mites.

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  1. While SQ ImmunoTherapy Allergy SHOTs ( Ouch ) Do Work... Many Patient's (75%) Fall Away from the Program because of:

    > Inconvenient visit / schedule to Dr Office.

    > Ouch !

    > Because after 1 Yr > They do not feel appreciable Feel Better Results .

    Suggest > Self Aministered ImmunoTherapy DROPs.

    They RESOLVE the First 2 Points ...

    The Third is a result of Vaccine "Starting" to soft ( be mindful of this ).

    Drop Your Allergies = Say NO to Your Allergies > And resolution to ALL Three Above Points.

    Good Luck with Your SHOTs.