Saturday, October 31, 2009


In honor of Halloween 2009, I thought I would post my list for top 10 scariest movies!

10. Wizard of Oz- you know that witch is scary!
9. The Birds-Being chased by birds is terrifying!
8. Friday the 13th- I have seen this movie a lot, the boat scene scares me every time!
7. Silence of the Lambs- a man that eats people and another one making a human skin costume....nuff said.
6. Jaws- Makes you think twice about swimming in the open water.
5. Halloween (Original) So scary when Michael Meyer's face slowly appears in the dark background.
4. Saw- a scary psychological thriller, I spend most of this movie with my eyes covered.
3. The Decent- A movie about being trapped in a cave is scary enough...creatures trying to kill you while trapped puts this movie over the top for suspense.
2. Sorry, Wrong Number- an older flick, a woman terminally ill is home alone, unable to get out of bed. She realizes someone may be trying to kill her. Home alone and helpless, the movie builds on each scene, make each scene more and more suspenseful.
1. Psycho- the original scary movie, I don't know if its the music, the shower scene, or a cross-dressing weirdo that makes this such a powerful and timeless scary movie classic!

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