Saturday, November 14, 2009

ENT Visit

Had my check-up with the ENT yesterday. I am one year post-sinus surgery. Sinus maintenance has been the key for me to keep infection/sinusitis/inflammation under control. Currently I do sinus rinses mixed with antibiotic once a day. The antibiotic is TOBI and I use it four weeks on, four weeks off. Generally, this has kept sinus flair-ups to a minimum. However, my sinuses are so sensitive, I think it just barely keeps inflammation under control. When I am not using the antibiotic I seem to have more problem, mostly feelings of pressure. Prior to surgery I was having daily headaches. I am still not having headaches, but my cheeks and top of the nose start hurting when the pressure builds up. It also makes me super tired. To help control the inflammation, I am starting Flonase (which I have been on before) and adding Pulmozyme to the sinus rinse.

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