Saturday, January 2, 2010

Reflection of 2009

As we enter into the new year, I am reflected on 2009 and all it offered me. Here is a run down of the year, as well as looking forward to 2010.

  • Ethan and I took many trips including Las Vegas, WonderCon, Spring Training in Phoenix, San Francisco, Chicago, Boonville, South Bay, and L.A. We made a trip up to Milwaukee to add on another ballpark to our Quest for 30 Parks.
  • I suffered a relapse of headaches after sinus surgery, but continued my battle and won! Even thought I still get a few headaches here and there, it is nothing like it use to be.
  • In April I changed my snacks to protein only snacks and stuck with it.
  • I started networking with CF via CF forums, blogs, and facebook.
  • At work, I was given a new responsibility which came with many challenges, which I faced head on.
  • Also at work, I got a project moving after being stalled for over 10 years.
  • I made the major decision to switch health insurance. My first appointment with the new doctor is Thursday.
  • I have new people in my life to love: Jacob was born February 25, Christian October 20 and Hunter December 16.
  • I began volunteering at the animal shelter. It is a lot of fun, very rewarding, and is a great form of exercise.
What is in store for 2010? I hope to continue networking and meeting new CFers, continue with my dedication to exercise and health, annual Spring Training trip in March, WonderCon in April, embrace my new health insurance and the new doctors I will meet along the way. I hope to find a new set of challenges with my career.

Finally, here is a review of 2009 in Numbers:

2-Times I went to Chicago.
4-Wedding I attended.
5-Seasons of The Office I watched.
9-Number of books I read.
11-Weight I lost (in pounds).
16-Number of people who follow my blog.
16-Days spent volunteering at the shelter.
32-Number of candles on my birthday cake.
32-Number of blogs that I follow.
84-Number of blogs I wrote.
2640-Minutes spent at water aerobics.


  1. What a cool post! Love the reflections :)

  2. I agree - cool post! Just out of curiosity, what are some of your options for your protein-only snacks? I've tried before, but I get sick of peanuts & jerky, haha. Ideas please? :o)

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