Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vacations 2010

Ethan and I love to take vacations. We love everything from a week in Hawaii to an overnight on the coast. This year we have three vacations we are planning for: Spring Training in Arizona, WonderCon in San Francisco, and possibly Seattle.

Spring Training is an annual vacation. This will be our 5th year going, March 10-14. I am very excited because family from Chicago will be joining us this year, so it will be a great time. We go to a baseball game everyday and usually see a different ball park each day.

WonderCon is a comic book convention in San Francisco, April 2-4. This will be Ethan's third year going and my second. Ethan loves comic books. He has a group of friends that he meets up with each year. They are a great group of people, a lot of fun to hang out with too. Its great to see Ethan with friends that he has so much in common with. The convention is near Union Square, my favorite part of San Francisco. So when we are not at the convention, surely we will be shopping, bar hopping, or riding the trolley car.

For our fall vacation, we are thinking about taking the train to Seattle, WA. I did a little research on the train ride. It is about a 22 hour trip. It just seems like a relaxing way to travel. We would book a sleeping cabin which is very small, but cozy. Once in Seattle, we would go to a baseball game and see the sights of the city. He have been wanting to take this vacation for a few years now.

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