Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I generally do not suffer from digestive problems associated with CF. I gain weight, I have a healthy appetite, and my vitamin levels are normal (except D). I have never used enzymes. Perviously, doctors alway made the determination to not use enzymes based on my feed back about my health. Well, at the new clinic the doctor wanted to varify this using a more scientific approach; having my stool analyzed for Elastase.

The results have been reported at >500. According to the doctor this result supports being pancreatic sufficient. She also commented how unusual this result is for someone with CF. A value of 200 signifies pancreatic sufficiency, so CFers are even lower than that.

Obviously, these are favorable results and I am glad they confirm what I always believed to be true. However, I find it interesting that for the past 14 years (# of years ago I was diagnosed) no one ever suggested to run a similar test. While I do have normal vitamin levels, I feel so much better basing decisions of science rather than just a best guest.

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  1. Thats crazy good! I wonder what my level would be? I don't take too much for enzymes, but I still need them. Hmmm.