Monday, May 24, 2010

May Clinic Visit

This was a bad visit for me. It started with getting a sinus headache on the way to the appointment. This has been my first major sinus headache in a long time. By the time I got to the appointment, I didn't know if I was going to be able to discuss anything with the doctor except how bad my head hurt. The first step in clinic is PFTs. Mine were horrible this time, some of the lowest numbers I have ever blown. I was trying really hard to not let the headache be a factor, but it was. I blew an FVC of 103%, 3.63 (last time 105.2%, 3.69), FEV1 of 89.8%, 2.69 (last time 96.8% 2.89), and F25-75 of 55.6%, 1.91 (last time 72.6%, 2.49). That F25-75 was the lowest I have ever blown, ever. I know I was not feeling great during the test, but I also know that I have been keeping up with exercise and my lungs have been feeling really clear. I am still planning to increase my treatments to make sure that number get up for next time.

Besides the headache, meeting another doctor on the team was interesting. This doctor talked a lot of technical talk. The type that makes no sense at all. Or doesn't seem to have a point. Or mean anything to one who is not a doctor. I found it frustrating that he wanted to talk to me about the scientific names of various parts of the lung, but never even asked what I do for mucus clearance. Probably the first time ever a CF doctor did not ask that question.

Based on the significance of the headache, we agreed I would need to connect with an ENT. Additionally I am going to have my vitamin D level re-checked to see if my supplements have improved my levels.

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