Thursday, June 24, 2010

Treatment Update

Day 4 of my first IV antibiotic treatment. I must say, things are going well. I am on two antibiotics: tobramycin once a day and ceftazidme three times a day (every 8 hours). I administer the tobramycin in the evening and it takes about an hour. The ceftazidme is at 6 am, 2 pm, and 10 pm.

At times I feel extra tired, but it comes and goes. For the most part I am feeling really good. Is it helping? I think so...but its hard to judge. I am just hoping this keeps my sinus infections from returning so quickly, as opposed to feeling better immediately. The real test will be how I feel when the treatment is over.

I had my dressing changed after 24 hours. I actually enjoyed it, because my skin was itchy under the bandage, so it was nice to give my skin a few minutes to breath. I also had blood drawn from the line. That is needle pokes. I didn't even realize the nurse was drawing blood until after she was done. Almost makes it worth having the PICC. I has more blood tests today and back for more Saturday. Basically, I'll have blood labs done three times a week and then a dressing changed once a week.

Emotionally, this experience is a roller coaster ride. At times I feel like this is no big deal. There are people out there with more serious medical concerns, this is really just a tune-up. Other times I feel like this may very well be something I have to do all of the time, for the rest of my life. Could be worse...but it is a lot of work keeping up with this schedule and it has really mess with my normal routine, including exercise and sleeping. I have had such a comfort in knowing I had CF but "never needed IV antibiotics." As if that treatment defined healthy vs not healthy. The only thing I can really do is move forward. I went 32 years without needing IVs...maybe I will go another 32 before I need another.


  1. You are doing great, Colleen. :-) The blood thing is a weird, but cool perk, huh?

  2. When I do IV's I get such bad side effects from the meds that it's been pretty miserable the whole time. But when I'm done I have so much more energy and not much pain, so it's worth it. Plus it's always nice to visit with the home health nurses that come!

    I wasn't dx until I was 43, so I went 43 years w/o IV's, then didn't have any more until I was 47 and have had them twice a year since.

    Hope you're better soon!

  3. I hope you find comfort in the fact that I'm right there with you, cyster! Couldn't have said it better myself...