Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Dog, Dotty

Last week Dotty had to be rushed to the emergency room, after I found her shaking and panting with an irregular breathe. Apparently, she ate something and has having a negative reaction. We don't know what she ate and she is fine now, but it was scary not knowing if she was going to be ok.

The Vet decided to keep her for about 24 hours to provide her with treatments to flush her system of possible toxins. Additionally, they had her on IV fluids too. But during all this, she bit a nurse at the hospital, so she had to be reported to Animal Control. She has been on house arrest for a week. Yesterday Animal Control had to do a house visit to make sure she was not showing signs of rabies. It was a simple visit, it only took about 3 minutes. She has been cleared of house arrest. I"m so glad she is ok and the visit went well.


  1. Glad she's doing better! Makes me think of when I get bitchy at the hospital with the nurses, do we get Human Control called on us? I think not, but maybe we should!

  2. Yeah for no rabies! I never thought I would write that sentence in my lifetime. :-)

    Big hugs for Dotty!

  3. I'm glad she's doing better. We had an 11yr old black lab who had those symptoms and died the same day. We were devastated. My husband had taken her for a walk and stopped to talk to someone at a meat-packing - type place and we think she ate something along the drive. I couldn't eat for about a week after losing Mazie.

    I'm glad your dog's cleared of house arrest!