Saturday, July 17, 2010

Post-Treatment Follow Up

It has been almost two weeks since I completed my IV antibiotic treatment. The good news is I am feeling pretty good. During the treatment my sinuses never really felt like they completed cleared up, but the pressure and headaches have stopped completely. I did have one day during treatment with an increase in pressure in my sinuses, but it was only one day and it has not happened again. I have had a full month with no headaches. That is a really good sign. Now we just have to wait and see how long I can go without antibiotics in my system before the symptoms return. Weeks? Months? How about a year?

Even thought the treatment was triggered by a sinus infection, I can't believe how clear my lungs feel. I hardly ever cough or clear my throat. It is ironic, however, because I want to attend a CF conference in which I need a sputum culture by July 30. I have no sputum to culture. Even after my Acapella treatment or exercising, nothing is coming up. Its good in a way, but frustrating at the same time.

On Thursday I followed up with CF Clinic. The doctor seemed satisfied with the visit, so we pulled the PICC. My PFTs improved since last time, but they were not at there all time best. I felt a little disappointed considering how great I felt and how clear my lung where. The doctor and I talked about using hypertonic saline treatment or pulmozyme to help keeps things at this stage. I think I am leaning toward HST, just to try a treatment that is not a medication.

Following the Clinic, I headed over to the ENT department. They are keeping me on my nasal rinses twice a day and flonase. After the exam, the doctor said my sinuses looked good, mostly clear and no inflammation.


  1. I'm so glad that you are feeling better since your IV's!!! That's great! Do you do sinus flushing daily? That would help keep things from returning to the state you were in. That helps me. What was your PFT?

  2. Yes, I do sinus rinses twice a day. PFTs were:

    FVC-105.0%, 3.68; FEV1-93.3%, 2.79, F25-75-60.9%, 2.09

    Thank you for all of your support Debbie!

  3. That's a great FEV1! And it's not your all time best?

  4. Are you the Colleen that posted on my site about having mild cf??? Sounds like your first IV's were a success!!! And WOW on the PFT's!!!

  5. Marcia, yes you have the right Colleen. Thanks for checking out my blog.

    Tera, my highest FEV1 is 96.8 %...I'm pretty close!