Monday, July 5, 2010

Lance Armstrong in Santa Rosa?

Yesterday while stocking up on fresh produce at the local grocery store, I spotted a man that looked *just* like Lance Armstrong. Not giving it much more thought, I continued to do my shopping, but we kept crossing paths. And every time I saw him, I couldn't help but wonder if that was Lance. Once I was done in the produce section, I just needed to get one more thing and head to the check out stand. I saw him one last time and that's when I noticed this guy's shirt. It simple said "Livestrong." Was this a really strange coincidence? Was this really Lance Armstrong? Then I remembered...Tour de France. It started on Saturday and I was pretty sure Lance was riding, making it impossible for him to be in Santa Rosa, California.

I went home to Google the event and sure enough, Lance was in France. So, I can be positive the man I saw was not Lance, but some crazy look-alike, who happened to be sporting a Livestrong shirt. But yet...I wonder.


  1. We have a guy that works the checkout at Walmart who is a dead ringer for Nicholas Cage. He says he hears it all of the time. Very eerie!

    I didn't think Lance Armstrong did the Tour de France anymore.

  2. Ohhhh, you should've asked! What stopped you? We once saw Mario Batali during a layover in Paris. We never asked and I always regretted it but I knew it was him - the orange Crocs completly gave him away!!

  3. He trains and races through Santa Rosa. Any other time of the year it could have been him...