Tuesday, April 12, 2011

CF Clinic Update

Friday was my quarterly clinic visit.  I was not positive this was going to be a great visit. About a month ago, I had started a Cipro treatment after having difficulties on vacation.  I did a three week treatment and felt 95% better when my treatment ended.  About a week later, I started to feel run down, like I was getting a cold.  Since then my nose has been stuffy and I have been coughing more.  Only having a week off of Cipro before coughing more had me on alert...usually I get a good three to four months before needing to evaluate the need for antibiotics.  But a week?  Not good. 

PFTs, however, where telling a different story.  I had my highest FVC ever and my second highest FEV1.  My FEF 25-75 was the lowest ever, which I always test a lower number in this category.  In fact, this number varied by nearly 20% just from doing three different tests.  My doctors thoughts:
  • She explained that the numbers are only one line of evidence for managing care and she considers much more when thinking about treatments.
  • Her dilemma with me is whether to treat my symptoms with antibiotics or not.
  • She was not concerned with the low 25-75 number. 
  • We talked a lot about why the numbers can be great, but not really "matching" my symptoms.  I know I am allergic to grass, so there may be an allergy component to my symptoms. 
  • We decided to go a more conservative route to treat this set of symptoms.  I am going to start hypertonic saline and albuterol.  I am going to give it a trail run and check in again at next clinic to see if this helps with my symptoms. 
After the visit, I head over to Union Square in San Francisco for dinner and shopping.  I found great tops at H&M! My favorite.

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  1. I'm glad your numbers were up. Have you had allergy shots? I'm probably on my last year of allergy shots and that's helped. That and the irrigating and Singular and Allegra! Sounds like treating conservatively is the way to go.