Monday, May 23, 2011

How Does My Garden Grow?

Ethan works hard to keep up the garden and landscaping in our yard.  Our yard is fully landscaped and does not get a lot of direct sun, so getting the right plants and veggies to grow can be challenging.  Each year, Ethan adds a little something to change things up and add a little more than we had the previous year.  This year, we are trying to add more color to our landscaping and he built a strawberry garden. He has been keeping a potted garden with veggies and herbs.  Last year he built a raised garden in the front yard, because this area gets great sunshine all day long.

Overview of Backyard
Strawberry Garden-New for 2011

Veggie and Herb Garden
Raised Garden-Front Yard
New Flowers-Perennials like Lavender and Princess Lily


My Personal Gardener!

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