Thursday, April 12, 2012

(Late) Work Out Wednesday -6x6 Work Out Challenge

I am in the second week of the 6x6 Work Out Challenge.  The first week was awesome!  Here is what I accomplished:

Sunday April 1: 30 minutes Yoga I tired this video, which is set up into 5, 10 minute segments.  I tried 3 of the 5 segments. This was a good video, two of the segments were intense enough for increasing the heart rate and one segment was more focused on relaxation. 

Monday, April 2: 45 minutes on the elliptical
Tuesday, April 3: 40 minutes water aerobics
Wednesday, April 4: 40 minutes of Yoga.  This time I tired this video:

Product Details

This is a great video, which focuses on breathing, stretching and relaxation.

Thursday, April 5: Day off
Friday, April 6: 30 minutes elliptical and 20 minutes circuit training.
Saturday, April 7: 60 minutes water the rain!

That is a total of 265 hours of exercise.  This week, however is not going so well.  I was not able to exercise on Sunday due to my Easter plans.  Then on Tuesday I woke up with a cold and not feeling well.  I have been home sick for the past two days and just trying to rest.  I am in no condition to exercise...I don't even have the energy to go for a walk.  I am feeling much better today, but I need one more day of rest before getting back to the gym.  Even though this is out of my control, it still feels frustrating.  I am going to continue with this challenge for the next five weeks...and just pretend this week didn't happen!

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