Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm Losing Track

One function of my blog is to document my health: when I am sick, what medications I am taking, when I see the doctor, when I have labs done, etc.  It really serves as a place for me to keep a record so I can have better communication with the doctors.  I think it is also nice to share information with other CFers and it can also keep friends and family up to date.  But I am having a hard time keeping up.  Not that a lot is going on, but I think it is just hard sometimes to find the time to get all the information into a blog.  Here is what has been going on as of lately:

June 11: I had an appointment with the ENT.  It was a rather uneventful appointment, which is nice when it comes to seeing the ENT.  My previous sinus pressure and headaches subsided prior to the visit, but I wanted to check in with him since I was having some problems and I had not seen him for about a year and a half.  He actually said my sinuses looked good, which I had never really heard before.  He also is taking me off Pulmicort.  So as of right now, I am only doing daily rinses with no added medications.  

June 19: That's today.  I am starting another course of Cipro.  Ever since my cold in April, I have not felt back to baseline.  Although the coughing has not been bad, I have been feeling more junk in my lungs.  But I have also been fighting fatigue.  Last week was rough, as I was having a hard time getting up in the morning, not having a lot of energy to exercise, and not feeling productive at work.  We decided on the Cipro route, which is always challenging to take during the summer. 

I know these posts can be boring, but they are helpful to me to remember what is going on with my health. 

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  1. I think that it is a great idea to document your health and status of appointments. It is your own little journal and you can write whatever you want to. For me, I read blogs to see how others are doing with CF and to see how people are living a "normal" life with CF. I hope you start to feeling better and remember to put on that sunscreen. Have you ever been on azithromycin? That usually does the trick for me when I get a cold.

    Take Care