Friday, September 4, 2009

Fruit or Flowers

Ethan and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary yesterday. Fruit or flowers are traditional gifts to give people celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary. To celebrate, we went on a picnic at Sonoma State, where we were married. Being married at my alma mater was very special to me. Returning there yesterday brings back not just memories of the wedding, but also the memories of college. I feel a special bond with that campus, I should try and visit more often.

Years ago, Ethan and I decided not to exchange gifts for our anniversary. Instead, we try to decide on something to buy for the house that we both could enjoy. This year we bought a Roku Box. This is a devise that you hook up to the TV and you stream movies from Netflix. We already have a Netflix account and the streaming feature is already included in the monthly fees. The really exciting part of the box is we can also stream MLB games. All of the games (execpt local games, they can only be watched once the live game has ended). It will be great watching the last month of baseball. The playoff race is on!

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! Same day as my parents. I love Netflix.