Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Monte Runs

For over two years now, my husband has been fixing up his 1987 Monte Carlo SS. He loves this car, as it was the first car he ever owned. He decided it was time to upgrade with a (almost) new engine and transmission. To give him plenty of time, he leased a Mazda 3 for two years to drive while the Monte was under repairs.

The project went longer than scheduled, as the Mazda went back at the end of July, even though the car was not ready. Ethan was at a point where he was trying to start 'er up, but something wasn't right and it wouldn't start. For weeks now he has been trouble shooting to figure out the problem. While I cannot comment on specifics, yesterday a milestone was reached and the car started! We are very excited, as Ethan has put a lot of time and money into this project. Below is a short video of the build up to the car starting. A few minor steps to take before the car is on the road, but the hard stuff is done.

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