Thursday, September 24, 2009

Southern California

Ethan and I took a short trip down to Southern California this past weekend, Thursday-Sunday. We spent two fun days at Disneyland and California Adventure. We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel, which was great. We could walk to the parks each morning, swam in the Peter Pan themed pool, and Mickey left us chocolate on our pillows! We also made our way to a Dodgers Giants game. Enjoyed the company of my brother-in-law Morgan and my good friend Kelcey. Dodgers won 12-1. They hit a grad slam in the 1st, plus three other home runs. It was a great game for Dodger Fans.

Disneyland was really fun. Even thought we spent two full days, it just doesn't feel like enough. The park has so much to offer: rides, shows, parades, fireworks. Its hard to fit it all in. My favorite ride in Disneyland is The Pirates of The Caribbean. I love the mystery of the ride. As you load the boat, you really have no idea what the ride is going to be like. My least favorite ride is Snow White's Scary Adventure. First, you don't see Snow White at all during the ride, so I am guessing you are suppose to be Snow White, as the rider. But then it ends with no Prince...but the last scene is They Lived Happily Ever After. Who? Does not make sense. Oh well, can't wait to go back.

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