Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sharps Disposal

About a year ago I started using the injectable form of TOBI to mix in my nasal rinses. Along with this, I have to use a syringe to decant the medication from the bottle (it looks just like a bottle of insulin...the only way to get the medication out is with a syringe). Even though I don't ever poke the skin with the needle, I still have to collect the sharps in a biohazard container and route them for proper disposal.

After a little research, I found no one wanted to take these containers. The pharmacy, doctor office, and local drug stores no longer accept sharps for disposal. So, finding someone to take these was becoming a hassle. I finally found one local pharmacy that would take these containers. I put off going because I figured there would be a huge hassle associated with trying to have them take it. I figured if no one else wanted to accept them, it must be because there is some type of complicated procedure.

I found the opposite. They took the containers, no questions asked. There wasn't even a fee. What I can figure out is why no one else will take sharp containers, and yet this store is doing it for free. Doesn't make sense, but at least I know I have a place to take the containers.

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