Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Work Out Wednesday-Dedication

Ok, so I lied.  My last Work Out Wednesday post was said to be the final addition.  Lets just say I am not retiring WOWs, but I am just not committing to a blog every Wednesday about exercise. 


I had the need to share my work out experience from yesterday.  Lately, on Tuesday, I have been having my own personal water aerobics class.  Yesterday, it was pouring rain most of the day, but I really wanted to get in the pool anyway.  I have talked to my doctor about swimming in the cold in an outdoor pool and she has given me her blessing, so I just can't use the weather as an excuse.  The water felt great.  Nice and warm.  What didn't feel great was the 30mph winds that came with this rain storm.  My face and ears where so cold when I was done. 

And it got me I crazy or just dedicated?  I love, love, love being in the water and I just don't see why rain and wind should stop me.  I'm don't live my life under the "No Excuses" philosophy, but I am dedicated enough to my exercise routine that I need a better excuse than rain to keep me out of the pool.  :)

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