Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Work Out Wednesday- More on Physical Therapy

I am now half way through my PT, which has a focus on back strengthening.  I have PT once a week for one hour.  The sessions are going very well, but they are hard!  The first part of the class we work with the physio ball, working on core strengthening.  We do about 7 different exercises, like bridging on the ball, holding each position for about 3 minutes.  3 minutes is a really long time when your muscles are weak or compromised.  The second half of the class is a variety of different exercises like standing on a balance board, using resistance bands, and practicing the proper way to lift a heavier item.  Almost all of the exercises are challenging for me, which really just proves why I need PT. 

In addition to the class once a week, I am suppose to do several exercises a day, five days a week.  The exercises take about 15 minutes and I have been fitting them in on my breaks at work. So far I am on the right track and have note missed a day yet. 

During this time, I have been some-what worried that I am going to hurt myself in some way by taking on a more aggressive approach to my back care.  There is a significant risk in damaging the disk just above my fusion.  My surgeon placed a lot of limitation on my activities, he is just very conservative when it come to taking care of an injured back.  He is actually against PT.  After my surgery, all he wanted me to do for exercise was walk.  At that time, walking was all I could do.  But even after surgery, he continued to really limit my activity.  These where limitations to incorporate for the rest of my protection of the rest of my spine.  I have lived with these limitations...and now I am weak.  My Dr. hates the physio ball, now I have a whole routine centered around it.  Is my doctor just being over protective? Or is the PT not considering the significance of my condition?  Who do I listen to? 

I will admit, I have been feeling great since starting PT.  I feel like there is less pressure on my back.  I feel like I am walking taller.  I think for now I am comfortable with PT.  I am planning on sticking with this routine for a while. 

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