Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rock CF: I Out Walk CF

On March 20th Ethan and I participated in the virtual race in support of Rock CF.  Our original plan was to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, but we had to cancel those plans due to a big storm in the San Francisco Bay Area that day.  Instead we stayed dry by using the treadmills in our gym.  Not the most exciting place to walk a 5k, but at least we were still able to participate. 

The Stats:

I have declared in previous blogs that I am not a runner and I will never be a runner.  So for this "run" I walked.  I completed a 5k in about 46 minutes, taking 5565 steps.  This is about my average time to walk a 5k. 

The Pictures:

From Mar 22, 2011

From Drop Box

Thank you to Emily Schaller for making this such a successful event! And thank you to the Sharp's over at CysticLife for supporting this event and getting the word around to our community. 


  1. I love the pictures!!! Thank you for outrunning CF!!