Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Recap

Had a wonderful time yesterday watching the Super Bowl. Ethan and I went to "The Guys" house, who are a group of roommates with whom Ethan knows through work. They have a great place for hanging out and watching sports. They have two T.V.s with room for everyone to sit and watch the game. Besides the game they had beer pong, beer, the BBQ, lots of snacks and goodies. Ethan and I both won in the pool: I won 50 dollars for the 2nd Quarter score and Ethan 100 for the final score. Funny thing is, we won in a pool that I coordinated! I think the nicest part of the whole day was hanging out with such a great group of people. It is so nice being around people who don't bother me about having kids. In fact these are people who could give a crap about me having kids. It didn't come up once. There are just not many people I can be around anymore who can manage to not piss me off with the subject. I actually felt excited all day today because I was in a social situation in which the statements "You will see when you have kids" or "You dont understand, you're not a mother" were not stated. Yes!

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  1. Super Bowl is almost always good times. I think the best way to avoid the kids conversation is to stay away from potential grandparents, they are always the ones who push the issue the most. Unfortunately what people don't understand is that the more they push the issue the further they push you away from wanting it.