Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day

We had a very nice Valentines Day yesterday. We started the weekend off with Friday the 13th Part 6, viewed on Friday the 13th. The morning of Valentines Day we drove out to Bodega Bay for breakfast at the Sandpiper Cafe We drove around Bodega Bay looking for homes for sale. The prices have come down there too, but it is still pretty expensive to own a beach home. After driving back, we spend most of the day around the house. Ethan worked on the car and I was just lazy. In the evening we watched Sweeney Todd. We always end up watching horror films on what should be romantic days. On our second wedding anviersary we went to the movies to watch the Halloween re-make. We really don't do much for Valentines (see Paws for Love posts). Ethan bought me a card and these yummy sugar cookies.

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