Friday, July 17, 2009

Cut Backs

About 5 years ago I discovered that the local Junior College offers great physical education courses for a reasonable price. I started taking Yoga twice a week at the JC for only $56 a semester. Its probably the best Yoga class I have even taken. I took it for four semesters, up until my back surgery in 2006. Feeling ready to go back, I went to the JC web site to register. To my disappointment, almost all of the PE classes have been cancelled, including the Yoga course. I know it is "only" PE and if a school needs to make cuts its going to be in that department, but it is depressing to see any school making cuts. We should be finding ways to cut everywhere else but education.

Also on another exercise note, the Monday night water aerobics teacher is now only teaching on Fridays at 10:15. Luck me to have *most* Fridays off so I can still go. But I really like going to the class on Monday nights. The gym is really crowded on Mondays. Going to the class when it is crowded, I could avoid having to wait for a machine. The course is still offered on Mondays, it is just with a different teacher. I'll probably still go on Mondays the weeks I have to work Fridays.


  1. Hi Colleen -

    I found your blog from RunSickBoyRun and I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm just another run-of-the-mill 31 y/o CF patient, but I've been using my blog to connect with lots of other CF'ers too. =) I was diagnosed when I was a baby, but didn't really start having to "deal" with CF until I was in my late teens / early twenties. I've declined a lot since then, but I still work full time and follow my life wherever it leads.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hello!

  2. Water aerobics sounds awesome! I should throw on my speedo and join you...ok, fine, I'll spare you that traumatic experience!