Saturday, October 30, 2010

CF Clinic Update

Last week was my quarterly CF Clinic.  This appointment was two days following my visit to ER.  I was nervous that my PFTs would be low due to the chest pain (which I have not had chest pain since the ER).  And low PFTs usually lead to antibiotics.  Well, I couldn't believe FVC and FEV1 were the highest ever recorded.  EVER.  FVC was 3.93 L (112%) and FEV1 was 3.00 L (100.4%).  This is a 7% increase from my last visit three months ago.  I would expect the increase to be from the pulomzyme, which I have been using about 7 weeks.  Plus, I still feel like I am riding out the benefits from my last IV antibiotic treatment back in June.  Having such high PFTs did not help the doctor try to figure out the cause of the chest pains.  She actually said the chest x-ray taken at the ER looked better than my last x-ray in January.  So the chest pain remains an unsolved mystery, which is ok as long as it doesn't come back.

It is also time for my annual labs, which is like 15 vials of blood or something.  I'm not sure when I will go in and get everything done, but it is on my to-do list.  I have not been able to produce sputum for a sample for almost 6 months. That may be changing, as I noticed yesterday I was coughing more at work than normal.

 Not much else from clinic.  Most of the staff was out at the annual CF conference, so it was a short appointment.


  1. Holy Crap!!! Congrats! I'm a little jealous :-) I'm going to post on our shared blog tonight...

  2. Wow, that's great! I'm sure your exercise and diligence with taking care of yourself help, also.