Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Work-Out Wednesday-What I do at the Gym-Water Aerobics

Today's post was going to be on weight training, but that is delayed due to time constraints.

I first started water aerobics about a year and a half after my back surgery.  I found being in the water to be the most comfortable place to keep my back safe and strong.  I got bored with lap swimming, so I decided to mix it up with water aerobics.  First, I love this form of exercise.  I have learned that water aerobics is as challenging as you make it.  You can either work hard and get a good work out, or you can make it really easy and maybe not get as much benefit. You are in complete control.  After doing water aerobics for about 2 months, my back pain improved significantly.  I have made it a priority ever since.

At my previous gym the pool was indoors, so going to class was really no problem regardless of the weather.  They offered several night classes, which is the only time I can participate.  My new gym, however, is an outdoor pool. So it will be interesting to see how this works out during the winter.  I think I need to invest in a parka.  Also, the new gym only offers morning classes, including Saturdays.  So, I have no classes to choose from, I can only go to the Saturday class.  Which is fine, because I normally go to the gym Saturday mornings anyway.

The funniest part about water aerobics is I am the youngest person in the far.  It is definitely a class that older people are attracted to.  Which makes sense because it very easy on the joints, so it may be the only form of exercise some people can participate in.  I am glad I found this form of exercise, mostly because of how I think it helped my back.  But it is a total body workout which includes water running, interval training, water weights, noodles, and stretching.

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