Wednesday, June 29, 2011

CF Clinic-Physical Exam

I recently needed a routine physical as part of the adoption application.  After realizing my primary care physician was on extended leave, I asked my CF doctor if this was something she could do for me, even though I don't have clinic again until July.  The last thing I wanted was to go to a general doctor I have never met.  I really needed the physical performed by someone who understands my health status, so it could be well explained on the application form.  My CF doctor was more than happy to help. 

My appointment was on June 17.  The actual exam was performed by a resident, but then my doctor popped in at the end to chat.  We did PFTs, which were down about 5%, but still within my normal range.  However, my small airways went from like 41% to 70%.  I am sure that has been my highest recording since the 90's.  I am positive this is a result from the hypertonic saline.  So that was exciting to see, even though the rest of my numbers where slightly down.  After discussing PFTs and how I have been feeling, the CF doctor decided to consider this a clinic appointment.  Otherwise I would of been back next month. She was pleased with my status and asked me to schedule clinic in 3 months. 


  1. Yay small airways!!! I didn't know you wanted to adopt, that's amazing!

  2. ahhh! adoption process??? just catching up on blog now! baby time?
    so exciting!