Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hypertonic Saline-Eight Weeks Later

Eight weeks ago I started an Albuterol/Hypertonic Saline treatment. I have to say, I love HTS. It seems to be the most productive treatment in my line up right now. Every treatment facilitates a productive cough. My lungs have been feeling really clear, I'm hardly coughing. I'm not even really having to clear my throat. It is a harsh treatment and it is uncomfortable to administrate, but the benefits really out weight the side effects of this treatment.

Using this treatment has put aspects of my disease into perspective for me. I realize just because I have normal lung function, doesn't mean that I don't need these treatments. I think my last doctor put so much emphasize on PFT numbers, he stopped listening to my needs. I went for years thinking that being congested was just part of having CF. Which it is...but there are tools out there to help. I just think this was being overlooked because of my overall health. I am thankful my new doctor is more proactive and is helping me find the right combination with maximum benefit.


  1. I'm glad you're so proactive about your health. HTS was nasty but did the job of getting stuff up!