Monday, June 20, 2011

First IV Antibiotic Treatment- One Year Later

It was one year ago today that I received my first PICC and started my first antibiotic treatment.  The treatment was intended to target my sinuses, but it made me realize my lungs needed a little tune up too. Although the treatment was only mildly successful for my sinuses, the treatment really cleared up my lungs.  I didn't even realize my lungs needed help...or could be helped.  After the IVs, my cough was minimal, I stopped clearing my throat and I just felt clear.  Most of all, this treatment made me a stronger person and an even stronger CFer.  I feel like I know my symptoms better, I can communicate better with my doctors and I feel like I have a better gauge when I need antibiotics.  Its not to say I have not had my share of lung problems in the last year, but my recovery from each exacerbation seems to put me back to that post-IV feeling of being clear.  I'm working hard at trying to keep it that way with Vest, HTS, and pulmozyme.  

This experience also made me feel more connected to the CF community.  So many people offered their support during this time.  It was during this time I connected with two special people in my life Josh and Stacey.  Josh offered support, a prep-talk prior to my PICC placement, advice, and listened to my worries. A stranger helping a stranger.  This sparked a very special friendship, which has grown into so much more than "just" CF.  Love you buddy.  This was also the time I met Stacey, my Soul Cyster.  We learned about each other through Josh.  We had so much in common, it wasn't even funny...including both having PICCs for the first time within a week of each other.  Some how it was a little easier knowing someone else was experiencing the same stuff as me.  Stacey, I am still amazed at all the things we have in common.


  1. Awe, me too! I am so happy that you only had to have the IV's that one time and that you keep bouncing back! I'm also super proud that the experience made you grow as a person and as a patient. I feel that was too... You're the greatest!

  2. Love you too, sweetie. Love you, too. :-)