Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blog Award

I feel very honored that my fellow CFer and blogger, Gem, gave me my very first blogging award.

Now I get to pass on the award to 10 blogs that I love. Here they are (in alphabetical order):

Drinking Pink Stars

Exercising Diary of a Cyster

Foursight Wines, Inc.

Jess's Journey

Life Hands you Lemon's make Wild Jumbleberry Juice

Never a Moments Rest

Then I am Strong

This Little Kobler Family

Welcome to Joshland

If you are on the list, feel free to post this award to your blog, linking it to me. Then you can pass it on to 10 blogs that you love. Then let these bloggers know you have given them this award.


  1. yay, thanks for the award! Right back at ya!

  2. I am honored to be one of your top ten! WOW! is all I can say! Thank you! I heart your blog too! :D