Friday, August 20, 2010

Cross Contamination

One aspect on CF I have not had to worry about before is cross contamination of bugs with other CFers. I never knew anyone else with CF before, so I didn't need to worry about coming in contact with CFers. That has changed now that I have been more involved with the community. Going to fundraisers and CF related events, it is something I now need to think about. Meeting people in the CF community is hard when you really can't meet face to face. Or have to worry about it.

Being involved with some local fundraisers, I have in turn met local CFers. While we all carry a common bond, it is hard knowing that we have to be very careful when meeting face-to-face. To the point where you have to wonder if it is worth the risks?

One person I have found to have a lot in common with is currently staying with her mom, locally here in Santa Rosa. We have a ton in common and it would be so great to spend some time with her. But then there is this issue. To make it easier, we decided to meet at the infusion center last Monday while she was receiving her first dose of IV antibiotics. It was perfect. We each wore a mask and talked for nearly two hours, mostly about CF. What a better place to wear a mask than the hospital? No strange looks or needed to explain details to anyone. It was great.

Yet, it is still hard. Knowing all these great people, but not being able to hang out together...well it sucks. I know I can't invite her over to the house for hang out. We are trying to come up with safe places to meet. We are getting pedicures next Friday and looking forward to it.


  1. That's so great that you are getting to meet up! But I do understand the worry. I'm always thinking tx/tx, tx/cf combinations, tough!

  2. Great topic Colleen! I too have never had to deal with this. Another thought that has crossed my mind is, is it possible to be too careful? Not in the sense of safety or that there could be physical harm by wearing masks, but more a matter of effectiveness- can the bugs we have actually be passed back and forth? And if they can, are masks even enough? I suspect that they may not even be necessary, especially if we keep our distance like good girls. I am really looking forward to our pedicures too!

  3. That's great that you've found each other, Colleen, and are finding some ways to get together while being careful.

    They touched on this on the CF Webcast this week (out of Johns Hopkins). Since my health has deteriorated, I've found I'm a lot more paranoid about germs. I wonder "Maybe this person has CF and doesn't know it" since I wasn't dx until I was 43. I have to battle that so I can live a "normal life" and just worry if I know they are sick or have CF.