Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Costco Connection

Thumbs up to Costco for promoting CF and organ donor awareness in there monthly magazine, The Costco Connection.  This issue (December 2010, page 61) features a story about two sisters with CF.  Their mom started an nonprofit to support CF.  She sells a calendar call "Portraits of Cystic Fibrosis."  You can find out more about the Bonnell Foundation at  The magazine also had an article about the importance of organ donation and gives great information on how to be a registered organ donor.  Good stuff.


  1. Thanks Colleen for sharing this with your friends. Thanks in advance to them for purchasing a Portraits of CF calendar. Working hard to help fund research, help newly diagnosed families and offer scholarships. Our girls are doing great right now. Our oldest will be 16 years old next week. Where does the time go?! Live - Breathe - Inspire! So glad to meet you. I would like to feature your story on our web site! Sincerely, Laura Bonnell

  2. wicked!
    i didn't know they were doing that!
    did you see Glee episode last week? plug for organ donation! woooo