Monday, December 6, 2010

Lab Results Are In

A few weeks ago, I had my annual blood work done, which included a glucose fasting test.  The glucose fasting test includes having a fasting glucose blood draw, drink a sugary drink, then waiting two hours for another blood draw.  So, getting this test done is a little more complicated than just stopping in the lab for a blood draw.  I took my laptop, hoping to get some work done, but there was no wireless connection.  I mostly played games on my phone to pass the time. 

The draw went good.  My favorite phlebotomist was there.  He is great.  He always gets a blood draw with one poke and I can hardly even feel the needle.  Makes it so much easier, especially when you have to have two separate blood draws. 

I received my results and everything looks good, including my vitamin levels.  In fact my vitamin A & E levels where on the higher end of "normal" and they where much higher than last years results.  Vitamin D was in the normal range, but more on the lower end of the range.  Glucose fasting was normal and the two hour test was even lower than the fasting level.  This is a common result for me and is a general indication of being hypoglycemic.  I am interested to talk to my doctor about this.  I'd like to get a glucose testing kit so I can measure my blood sugars when I am feeling tired or weak.  I mostly just want to see if these symptoms are caused by low blood sugar and if so, what is the best way to manage these symptoms. 

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