Thursday, January 20, 2011

Little Jeter

About a week ago, I noticed my dog Jeter licking the air.  I thought maybe he had some food stuck in his mouth or something.  But when I checked it out, I found that he had a loose tooth.  It was one of those big molars about half way back on the top part of his mouth.  The next day I took him to the Vet.  Just as I figured, the tooth needed to be pulled.  This molar has three roots, so it is an involved surgery to get the whole thing out. Luckily, they where able to pull the tooth the same day.  I feel so bad leaving my dogs at the Vet. They just looked so scared.

The surgery went fine.  Jeter was pretty sad when we brought him home later that night. He would just sit around whimpering. It was the saddest noise I have ever heard. But, he was doing much better by the next morning.  And a week later he is totally normal, eating crunchy food again and he even got a bone to chew for a little while.

What was really cute was the little bandanna the Vet gave him, which states "I was brave." Good boy, Jeter!

From Drop Box
From Drop Box

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