Friday, January 7, 2011

No Antibiotics For Me!

I am happy to report that somehow  my cough managed to cease on its own and I will not be needing antibiotics at this time.  I think this is the first time (in a long time) since my cough went away without antibiotics.  That just never happens to me.  My doctor wanted to wait for the treatment to start until my culture results where finished.  I cultured moderate growth of psedudomonas aeruginosa and light growth of staphylococcus aureus, the usual suspects.  I showed sensitivity to Cipro.  However, by the time we got the results, my cough was minimal.  I increased airway clearance to three times a day while waiting for culture results, doing Acepella in the morning and afternoon and the Vest in the evening.  I think it really did the trick! I'm trying to stick with three treatments a day, but between work, trying to eat healthy, and exercise, its hard to fit it all in.  CF clinic next Thursday.  Interested in seeing PFT results after having a flare-up with no antibiotic treatment. 

During all of this my sinuses have stay neutral, not bad, but not great.  I went about 6 days with no sinus symptoms.  It was such a nice break from the pain, pressure and being tired all the time.  Yesterday, pain and pressure started up again, but luckily I am not feeling tired right now.  I have a follow up with the ENT in two weeks. 


  1. Whew! So happy for you, Cys!!!

  2. YEAH!!! That's great that you didn't have to go the abx route. I go to CF clinic in 2 wks so we're on a similar schedule.

  3. Awesome. Since May my DD has been on antibiotics 5 times. I am not even sure the were all necessary. So hard to tell with a toddler.


  4. Love reading of your butt kickin' ways! Keep it up girl!!