Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Work Out Wednesday- Rock CF

On March 20, 2011, I am going to be participating in the first (annual ?) Out Run CF Virtual Run! While Rock CF is hosting a Marathon in Grosse Ile, Michigan that day, they are also hosting a virtual run so everyone can participate.  Also, each participant can select their own distance and pace.  That being said my goal is to do a 5k walk in about 45 minutes.  Although  I would love to run, running is very difficult for me because of my back problems.  But I can walk pretty fast, so I am looking forward to participating.  

After registering, I thought about where I want to do my walk.  I could just jump on the treadmill at the gym, but that sounds boring.  Then I thought about walking on a path around the local lake, but that is what we do for Great Strides.  Then it hit me.  I live 60 miles from the Golden Gate Bridge.  It is the perfect place to walk.  The bridge is 1.7 miles in one direction.  Around trip that puts me at about 3.4 miles, just over a 5k.  I am so excited about this.  I am pretty sure Ethan is going to walk with me too.  Anyone else in the Bay Area is welcome to join us. The cost to participate is $20.  And I think you get a t-shirt to wear the day of the event. A great way to promote CF awareness. I am hoping it is a nice day in San Francisco.  Most days are cold and foggy, so we will just need to be ready for any weather conditions.  


  1. We're signing up! Thank Colleen! This is great! We like walking...

  2. I'm signed up too! Still trying to figure out a scenic half marathon for Des Moines - one can only take so many cornfields, you know. I'll be thinking of you on 3/20.

    Thanks for the post!!

  3. Thanks for signing up Colleen! 3/20 is going to be an amazing day!