Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Work-Out Wednesday-Water Aerobics II

I am trying something new with water aerobics.  Previously, I was trying to attend two classes a week: one on Saturday morning and the other on Wednesday mornings.  I was taking Wednesday mornings off from work  (as part of a mandatory time off program), but it was very difficult to balance going to class and then getting ready for work.  So, I have decided to make my own class.  I have been doing water aerobics long enough to know the proper way to exercise and fill in the time.  I have "gone to class" twice now and it is working out well.  I wrote up four classes to use as a guide while I am out there.  It really helps to have a routine written out prior to jumping in the pool. It keeps me on track and moving the whole time I am in the water. 

I find this time in the pool to be very peaceful.  Because it is winter and I am in an outdoor pool, there is not a lot of other activity going on out at the pool.  I am really enjoying the quite time, working out, being in the warm water.  Also, because I am going after work, I am in the pool at sunset.  The scenery is beautiful: not dark, not light. Love it.  I am excited that this idea is working out!

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