Monday, March 12, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Liebster is a German word that translate to "favorite" "dearest" or "beloved."  By one blogger giving it to another, I am  saying your blog is a favorite of mine.  My dear friend at Salty Superstar has given me a Liebster Blog Award and I could not be any more excited.  Jessica is a special blogger to me because she is not just a blogger out there somewhere in cyber space, we actually met one another at a CF event and currently both live in the same area.  I have lots of friends through the internet and blogging, but it is just a different connection when you have actually met the person face-to-face and can meet up for coffee.  

As a recipient of the award, I now have to pass the award on to five of my favorite blogs.  This is tough...many of my favorite blogs have already received this award and re-awarding seems silly.  And so many of my favorite bloggers don't really post anymore, so they really are not blogs I am reading right now.  So, after a few weeks to consider my favorites, I came up with a good list.  Not all are CF blogs, but that is just the way it is right now. Here are the blogs I love, in no real order.

1. So Much for the Plan- I first connected with Danielle because we had several things in common: later life CF diagnosis and infertility.  Danielle's main focus in blogging was life when CF and trying to become a mother.  In 2011 her wish came true times three!  Yes, she now is busy with triplets, but still finds the time to blog.  Her blog focus has shifted to her family, but she is still very much aware of how important her health is for both her and her family. 

2. Supply Chain Mission Impossible- A new blog on my blog role, the main focus is a mission impossible theme of a database nerd.  It is filled with data, math, humor and topics that seem to be over my head.  And the author happens to be my husband, so why not give him a little encouragement.  

3. Guest Check- Also a new to me blog, this is an art focused blog.  Different artists feature sketches on "guest check" paper.  This is a creative site and fun to see what the different artists come up with during the week.

4. Exercising Diary of a Cyster-Although Jessica has not blogged for some time, I still just love her and her blog.  She is a hard working nurse with CF who is dedicated to exercising.  I like her blog because it is not just a CF blog, but she will post on all aspects of her life.  I think she is a special person and hope she gets back into blogging soon!

5. Lindsay's Lungs- I discovered this blog during my fund raising with the San Francisco's Finest.  Lindsay's cousin was a honoree and he talked about her story.  She was part of the kalydeco clinical trials and showed great improvement during the trail.  I can't wait to follow her progress on this medication.

Each blog that I have given this award to now has the opportunity to pass the award on to other blogs they love.  The rules are:

1. Acknowledge the blogger who gave the award by linking back to them'
2. Give this award to five other bloggers (who have fewer than 200 readers), and let them know through a comment on their blog.
3.Post the award on your blog.
4. Best of all-bask in the glory, have fun, and share the love.

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  1. so love clinical blogs that helps patients a lot to search for answers they could not ask the doctors