Saturday, December 12, 2009

CF Tribute

The last couple of weeks the CF community has suffered the lose of several friends to CF. It has seemed to happen all at once. Although most of us only knew these people through CF social networking, I can tell how damaging this news is the other CFers. I follow many CF blogs and most people are posting thoughts and prayers to those who recently lost the battle to CF. We have a strong community and I hope to continue to build relationships with all my fellow fibros and cysters. But for those who have slipped away before I had a chance to get to know you, I am dedicating this song to you. If I didn't know better, I'd swear this song was written for the CF community.

Just Breathe, by Pearl Jam
"Stay with me...let's just breathe. "


  1. I LOVE this song, and everytime I hear it I think of those that we have lost recently too. I agree, It was written for us!

  2. did someone in pearl jam lose someone with cf or did they just happen to write this song and we are able to understand a different meaning of the words than they ment...just wondering it fits too clearly for them to not have a clear understanding of just being able to breathe

  3. That is a neat song. I have never heard it before. I will have to add that one to my I-pod.

    I agree it says so much about what has been happening lately.

    Carrie (with CF)

  4. This was very thoughtful of you to post this. We have lost so many in such a short length of time. It's been very hard emotionally. Losing Lauren was the hardest for me, but each one was like a punch in my chest and it's hard to get my breath back.