Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Credit Card Theft

I woke up Saturday morning to a phone call from my credit card company wanting me to verify suspicious activity. The transaction in question was a two dollar charge at a WalMart in Florida. Nope, not me. They then went on to ask me to verify other transactions. A few were mine, most were not. About $800 in chargers were accumulated with in a matter of hours. Most transactions took place in Arizona. Charges were at random places, including three transactions for pizza. Ironic, this is the same day Ronnie found out someone broke into his home.

Here is the scary part...I did not lose my credit card. It was in my wallet, just where it should be. Someone got a hold of my number and either made a card using my information or they were just using the number without a card. Even scarier, this just happened to me 3 months ago, but this a different card. Same situation though, I never lost my card...someone was just using my Mexico. As a precaution, I had a credit check run just to make sure my social security number was not being used to open up credit cards. Everything on the report looks good, thankfully.

In both cases of credit card fraud, the banks have been great. From calling me to verify activity to not being held accountable for the charges. The worst part about it is I had to cancel my account and open a new one, leaving me without a card for the moment. Its the only card I have, so I have no way to finish my online holiday shopping. I also have the hassle of changing account information on my auto billing accounts like the gym and netflix. Oh well, could be worse. At least I don't have to pay for the charges, that would be terrible.

Check your accounts often. Pay attention when the bank calls you to verify activity. I know it seems like a pain if the transactions truly are yours, but this services is priceless if someone really is really using your card number. Also, remember to let the banks know if you are going to be traveling out of state. It can help them manage theft better.

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