Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vacation-Day 1 and 2

Very late on Sunday evening, I boarded a train, north bound to Seattle. Traveling by train was great. No airport hassle with security, long lines, and the endless worry about having enough time. The train is mellow and soothing. In total, it took about 21 hours to get to Seattle. We had a sleeper car, so we were able to sleep for the first leg of the trip. What I loved most about being on the train was having nothing to do. Well, I had my treatments, but other than that, I had no obligations. I read, played cards, ate, slept, and looked out the window. It was great. I was sad when it ended.

Our first day is Seattle was fun. We started the day off with listening to a presentation for the time share we are staying in. They quickly realized we had no desire to buy, so they let us leave with no hassle. We got $75 for showing up. Then we walked to the Public Market, looking at nice handmade crafts and all the fresh fish and produce. We also went on the Underground Tour, a tour of the original side walks of the city, which are all underground. In the early 1900's, they realized the street elevation needed to be raised to accommodate sewer pipes. As a result, there is this whole underground side walk. It is not open to the public, in fact it is private property, so the only way to see it is on this tour. Last, we went to the Space Needle for dinner. The restaurant just below the observation deck and the whole place spins, so you get a full 360 degree view. The food was excellent and the view was amazing.

I hope to post pictures when I return.

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  1. Go on a Savor Seattle Tour. They are the ones with the pink umbrellas that are in the market all day. 40 bucks and a ton of different food. You'll be full by the end!

    Hugs, Leeners!